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Join us at Ouch Potato Gym for fun and energetic classes in a discreet gym in Acomb, York.



Hi, i’m Steven, I have gorgeous blue eyes and a fantastic personality but enough about me and more about Ouch Potato…

My journey as a personal trainer started with a passion for fitness, but not only that, I wanted to offer a fun and relaxing experience, free from the pressure of large gyms.

I understand that gyms and classes can be very intimidating which is why i’m trying to change that. Our whole ethos at Ouch Potato is built on friendliness, making people feel comfortable and empowering them to feel proud to be getting fit. 

We're not like normal gyms so you won't find unlimited classes and overly tight vests but what you will find is a discreet setting where you can build up your confidence and have a laugh.

We have a great family atmosphere, and through laughter and hard work, we help people overcome their barriers. I believe that anyone can get fit and healthy and i’m very passionate and helping people achieve this.

We don’t take ourselves too seriously here, which is why we named ourselves Ouch Potato. My wife doesn’t take me too seriously either, I dread to think what she calls me.