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Member Story - Emily


Emily Holmes - Member since July 2017

"I hadn’t done any type of fitness before ouch potato, I attended a gym, signed up for a membership and never went. I paid for a whole year only using it a couple of times to go swimming with my boys.

I found the gym scary and worried I was going to bump into someone I knew. I used the cardio equipment but never really knew how to use the weights more to tone me in the places I needed, so didn't use them.

I’ve been going to Ouch Potato Gym since July 18. I felt nervous and worried my little boy wouldn’t settle. Other people within the class reassured me not to worry and said that he would settle and he did! He got to know people around him and Steven involved him in most of the ‘child-friendly’ exercises and now I can’t keep him away from the gym, he runs free! My eldest son also loves to attend, his confidence has grown so much.

I’ve found confidence in myself to try new things with fitness - at first I was making sure I attended twice a week and when I noticed my strength building up I just wanted to attend all different classes. Now on my fourth month I attend 3/4 classes a week fitting around school runs and work.

I noticed results in the first few weeks which made me keen to carry on and now I’ve gained confidence in myself loosing a dress size. I also feel more comfortable in myself which has given back my self-esteem and not only has it worked physically but mentally too.

I just want to be able to take this opportunity to thank everyone at Ouch Potato for letting me reach goals I’ve never imaged I’d reach, I still have a long way to go but I’m so glad I found a family fun gym where I can work out and where my boys can have fun too."